Herne Hill Primary School is a Level 4 school nestled in the Swan Valley among vineyards at the base of the Darling Range. The school has been described as the ‘jewel of the Swan Valley’.

Herne Hill Primary School became an Independent Public School in Semester 2, 2020.

The school will celebrate its 100th year in 2022 and some of our current students are multi-generational with both their parents and grandparents having attended the school. We are surrounded by beautiful trees and have four school ovals – we enjoy the space our school offers us and it is appreciated by our school community.

Working together as a whole school community is a priority, allowing all stakeholders to gain a sense of ownership, ensuring that student, staff and parent voices are heard, acknowledged and valued. The dedicated School Board and P&C work closely with the whole school community supportive of the school directions.

The school has high expectations for students behaviour, values and work ethic. The four values are Respect, Resilience, Inclusion and Strive for Excellence.

Students have a sense of belonging and engagement. Out of hours groups are a focus for student engagement in the areas of Skipping, LEGO Club, Jump Jam, Sport, Running Club, Choir and Drum Corp. Breakfast Club is also available to students on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week.

Staff are collaborative, working together in Phases to assess, plan and evaluate the learning. Staff meet on a regular basis driving the school Business Plan priorities and review whole school programs and procedures on an annual basis.

At Herne Hill Primary School we aim to be an inclusive, innovative, effective school striving for students to reach their potential. We work together as a school community towards common goals, ensuring students are provided with a safe and supportive environment.

Yours sincerely,
Amanda Kelley

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